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I watched it with no real expectations because I am not that much into art, but what I learned while following the journey of stellar artists, is that more than anything, HI ON ART is a story about human grit and uplifting onself by uplifting others.


I was able to walk a mile in Jae’s shoes as she meets amazing people like Ruben, Patrick and Ashley (among others), I was able to savor the mystical beauty and backdrop of Hawaii, and


I was able to reaffirm the basic goodness that ties all of us together. My teenage daughter was not able to see the movie with me, but I would like to go back and see the movie with her, there are so many great lessons on how to empower ourselves and pick ourselves up despite personal tragedies, those are great life lessons for us at any age.


So, what started off as a movie on art, ended up being a movie on the beauty of life and hope. Watch the movie – it’s good for your soul. Oh, and you might just learn something about art and Hawaii too. 

Anuja Singh

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