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  • Do you teach art?
    No, we teach advertising strategies. But all the artists on hionart are masters of their diciplines and are sharing their wisdom and experience on film.
  • Which videos should I rent or buy?
    1. Watch the trailers for each video till the end and click on the large title: 2. That will connect you to Vimeo where you can see the names of the artists in the videos. You can then decide it's the right choice or choose a different video.
  • Do I sign up on Vimeo to rent or buy videos?
    Yes, Vimeo is where we store all our films. Login or sign up, but one time only. Next time you rent a video Vimeo recognizes your login and payment method.
  • How do I learn about advertising?
    Go to: or the "ad film tv" tab and book a consultation with Fred Vanderpoel. Alternatively you can also book him via MAVEN. You'll get a good idea of advertising strategies when you rent or buy the introductory course" HOW TO AD BY VANDERPOEL How to ad by Vanderpoel is an introductory course by Clio awards winning advertising writer, creative director and filmmaker Fred Vanderpoel for - discussing his takes on advertising, commercials, animation, documentaries and feature filmmaking with storyboard artist Jan van Buyten, If you like what you see and hear, ask us to enroll you in the main course.
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