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Sonya Serene is a passionate advocate for the arts. It is almost impossible to tell her story without mentioning the many artists whose careers she has impacted.  Starting as a young entrepreneur, she moved from her birthplace India to New York City in the early 90`s, where she co-owned a successful art & design firm called Design Direction for more than 18 years. A team of talented artists created art for textiles, cards, and other products that Sonya would place with clients spanning the all of U.S , Europe , Japan & Hongkong  This phase of her life involved a lot of travel both international & local exhibiting in art shows across the globe  . One of her regular destinations was Oahu, Hawaii which is where she finally relocated in 2013 It was there a year later she met Ruben Aira Jr. a talented artist, fell deeply in love like the protagonist in a modern-day fairy tale.  It was no surprise that Sonya made Hawaii her home because it was always a sanctuary of peace  during her high energy busy life as a New Yorker. 


Sonya expanded her creative empowerment of the Oahu art community by producing "HI on Art: the Movie" in 2020.  Created during the pandemic, the film went on to be selected for multiple film festivals and won an award for "Best Film on Women" in the Crown Wood Film Festival in 2021. She organizes venues, connects to galleries, and helps artists to make their dreams come true, and has a keen understanding of art authentication and appraisal. Sonya's focus is to use her skills and time to nurture the art community on Oahu. It is her enduring passion to connect people and encourage their talents in order to create opportunities for artists.


Sonya`s newest NFT venture too is  in line with the mission of breaking the starving artist myth ! She is relentless in her pursuit of being a fiduciary to the artist . Creating a harmony between value & price.

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